Agreement. Ratification.

The General Basic Agreement negotiations were focused on wage increases, working conditions and employer-funded benefit contributions that affect everyone.

With a tentative basic agreement, it is now up to the members of the 13 Hollywood Locals to vote to ratify the 2018 Basic Agreement. Each Local will send their members a ballot with a copy of the Memorandum of Agreement and additional material from the Local, along with voting instructions. There will be a date set to count the ballots.

Each local is assigned a number of votes equal to their delegate count for the quadrennial convention. Each local will cast all of their delegate votes based on the results of the secret ballot vote of their members. The ratification will be decided by a simple majority of the delegate vote count.


Only the ballots that were returned will be counted. Therefore, not voting only means you are giving up your voice on the matter of ratification. A “no” vote is also a strike authorization vote.